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A new kind of museum
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a new kind

of museum

At Wak’a we believe that a new kind of museum is needed. We need new spaces in Peru to get in touch with our heritage and interpret it in our own words. It’s not enough to be taught about our heritage, its our right to make it our own, to explore our curiosity and contribute to its interpretation.


To achieve this, we take heritage out of its traditional museum setting and directly into communities.

our team

Alice Merry
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Alice’s background is in taking financial services to the mass market. She has done so in the private sector and with a development agency. However, outside of the office she has kept up a long-term love affair with the past, since first participating in an archaeological excavation as a child.

Gustavo Flórez Salcedo
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Gustavo is an anthropologist fascinated by Peruvian culture, past and present. He sees artefacts, sites, landscapes and people as conduits of our heritage, each an infinite source of fascinating stories. Gustavo is convinced that taking the time to listen to these stories and make them our own is the best way to turn us into a community of people that cares for and is proud of its heritage.

Guadalupe Alegría
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Guadalupe is a professional translator and a writer by vocation. She has worked with many international organization both in Peru and abroad. Since childhood she has been curious about the diverse cultures of her country. She has always been astounded by how cultural norms and personal interests can change simply travelling from one district to another in her city. She is aware of the lack of equal access to to cultural spaces, even though culture itself is inherent in every Peruvian. For her, collaborating with Museo Wak'a is an opportunity to help create new cultural spaces for more Peruvians.

i'm passionate about the past

We need volunteers! Are you an excellent communicator or fundraiser? Do you know how to manage projects or organise events? Perhaps you are an advocate for our heritage or an innovative thinker. If so, we would love to be in touch with you.


Send us an email at

I work in a museum or cultural organization

We work as an inter-museum initiative, creating spaces for various museums and cultural organizations to work together. We aim to both connect heritage with new audiences, as well as providing an opportunity for museum to learn Design Thinking tools and experiment together with new ways to reach the public.


If you would like to discuss the possibility of working together, contact us via email at

i work for a company or foundation

Are you interested in increasing the impact of your institution? We are looking for companies and foundation as strategic allies to maximise the potential of our interventions as well as those of our partners.


Contact us at

Our team
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Wak’a is a different way of creating a museum.
We don’t have a collection and we don’t have a building.
Instead, we start with people and together we create new ways to experience heritage.
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